Getting There


      This fabulous week in paradise is the epitome of a "build-your-own-adventure" experience, allowing you the most flexibility to participate in those things you would like to, or to go off and explore anytime on your own as you desire.    

       We will provide a calendar and schedule of activities for you to participate in (including sightseeing, workshops, dances, suggested dining or meet-ups, etc) and you have the option to join in as many or all that you would like, paying for each item a la carte.  This allows the most flexibility for everyone's itineraries and desires as to what they would like to get out of the week, and lots of room for spontaneity when we are there.   

     For your part, you will need to arrange your own flights to & from Hawaii, as well as your own transportation and housing on island.  It's incredibly easy to do, especially since Hawaii is a huge tourist Mecca and your options are plentiful and diverse.  Below are just a few suggestions as to what we might recommend for the group, trying to be on the slightly more 'budget' side of things, but really, the ultimate decisions are yours so that your experience on the island can fit any budget or lifestyle you choose.  

Getting To Hawaii, Booking Flights & Hotels:

You can get great discount prices for travel, hotels, and local cultural events using online search engines, particularly if you book your flight and hotel together.  You can shop and compare at:  

Suggested Hotels for the Group

HILO:   (Sat-Wed, Oct 27th-31st)

*Hilo Seaside Hotel:  Local, family owned.   CLICK HERE to go to the website   (*This is where Ari will be staying)

Naniloa Hotel CLICK HERE to go to the website

The Inn at Kulaniapia Falls:  A very unique (but more expensive) B&B located a little ways outside of town on the edge of Kulaniapia Falls.  The road is a little rough getting there in the dark, but the view and the breakfasts are well worth waking up to.    CLICK HERE to go to the website

KONA:   (Wed-Sat, Oct 31st-Nov 4th)

Kona Seaside Hotel:  Local, family owned.   CLICK HERE to go to the website 

Suggested Auto Rental

Just as with hotels, it's best to use online search engines to compare prices and options for renting your car.  In any case, I would recommend putting a reservation on a car early, but not paying for it yet (it's normally free to reserve a car, and you don't have to pay for it until you pick it up).  As we get closer to the travel dates, we can see how many people are arriving when and where, and start to coordinate transportation better so that we don't need more cars in the group than necessary.  Remember, you can often get great discounts on car rentals if you book them with your flight and hotel together.  You can shop and compare at:  

For the dance sites and workshop venues in Hilo & Kona, check the "VENUES" tab in the menu at the top of the page